She has to be the prettiest babe on showbiz
ever, the fashion savvy girl who goes by the
name- the young East African  Shawty! She is
definitely going places, after being a kid Tv
host at Citizen Tv, graduating to a party hostess
at Changes, then the Santa Fe, the young East African Shawty has her eyes set on the her
goals. She plans to be the biggest party hostess
and event organizer that the world has ever

seen, by the look of things, she will be
achieving just that. GH: Fashion inspiration? Shicko:Rihanna..her style is to die for . GH:Favourite fashion magazine? Shicko:The Vogue. GH: What are some of your current fashion obsessions? Shicko: Flowing dresses..High waist pants..Cosette tops. GH:Favourite lipstick colour? Displaying IMG-20150227-WA0027.jpg Shicko:Pink and purple ombre. GH:Timeless skin tip: Shiko:Drink alot of water.Infact always Drink water.Lemon
water in the morning is rejuvenating not just for the skin but
your entire body. GH:What does fashion mean to you?. Shicko:Being comfortable in what you wear.something that
defines you and enhances your features.don’t just wear it
because everyone is wearing it. GH:Your outfit isn’t complete without? Shicko:My chunky necklace. Prev 1/
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